The Problem

The population of the world is rapidly increasing, with the UN predicting growth from 7.6 billion in
2018 to 9.2 billion people in 2050. The world’s middle class is growing fast and the demand for high
quality, safe and clean protein, fibre and dairy products is subsequently increasing at a rapid rate
putting more focus on the provenance of these products.

The challenge of the future will be to produce more products from less available land, that will have
to be utilised in a more sustainable and efficient way. To do this we need investment in technology
to reduce costs and increase the profitability to producers, leading to growth in the industry.

A key to achieving these goals is sustainable management information and the provenance of
livestock. Ceres Tag provides traceability, movement and health monitoring functionalities that
significantly increase your ability to maximise number of animals in premium condition in a non-
invasive sustainable and holistic manner.

Previously there has been limited tools available for open range monitoring which could also be
transferred into more intensive environments and adaptable to activities such as feedlot, dairy or
live export. Ceres Tag provides the versatility no matter where the animals or what they are doing,
Ceres Tag will provide the critical information to manage the animals for the period of their life using
unique energy harvesting and conservation systems ensuring there is no break in information