World’s First Direct to Satellite Traceability and Animal Welfare Platform

Ceres Tag is the World’s first and only commercial direct to satellite livestock information platform with proprietary smart ear tag for the supply chain network for Biosecurity and provenance.

The smart ear tag delivers GPS location, health and welfare monitoring and theft detection.

The benefits of Ceres Tag has been independently outlined in the PwC report.

Ceres Tag requires no battery replacement, no infrastructure, no maintenance, no subscription and will operate in nearly any environment required.

Ceres Tag is suitable for the red meat, dairy, wool, pork and wildlife industries and will later be adapted to companion animals.

PwC Ceres Tag Report

PwC Ceres Tag report

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Technology Collaboration Partner

Technology Development Research Co-Funding Partner

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What is Ceres Tag?

  • Worlds first commercial direct to satellite communications livestock information platform with proprietary smart ear tag sensor including GPS
  • National Livestock Identification Compatibility
  • Advanced animal behaviour algorithms
  • Accelerometers to measure health and welfare (biosecurity)
  • Monitoring for theft
  • No infrastructure, no maintenance, no battery change, no subscription
  • Easy to use

Ceres Tag collects/receives and transfers data to a cloud database.
Producers access their data using their farm management software for interpretation and decision making.

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Ceres Tag was a winner of the 2019 ANZCham Queensland-Taiwan Business Excellence Awards in Taipei
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