New Generation Smart Ear Tag for Livestock Provenance & Management

Ceres Tag smart ear tag is the future of livestock industry data and information now and for the next generation of graziers. Our National Identification compliant ear tag delivers GPS positioning, movement and health monitoring. Ceres Tag provides competitive advantage and is underpinned by reduced loss and no battery replacement required. Ceres Tag is suitable for open pasture, dairy or feedlot for the red meat, dairy, wool and pork industries.

The benefits are economic, environmental and social, including:

  1. Theft reduction
  2. Finance improvement
  3. Operational efficiency
  4. Land use efficiency
  5. Health and biosecurity

There is potentially no bigger improvement to provenance and livestock management than with Ceres Tag



Technology Development Research Co-Funding Partner


Technology Collaboration Partner

Technology Collaboration Partner

Technology Development Research Co-Funding Partner

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What is Ceres Tag?

  • An improved high retention ear tag design
  • National Livestock Identification Compatibility
  • Advanced animal behaviour algorithms
  • Accelerometers to measure performance
  • GPS and/or Ground Based Communication Systems
  • Temperature monitoring for Bio Security
  • Energy efficiency and harvesting (Solar, Kinetic & others)

Ceres Tag collects/receives and transfers data to a cloud database.
Producers access their data using their farm management software for interpretation and decision making.

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