Activity Monitoring & Real Time Alerts

In addition to location monitoring you receive animal specific activity monitoring and real time alerts with every Ceres Tag. Activity metrics are sent with the standard data packet which are sent 4 times a day. Alerts are sent immediately.

How does it work?

Each Ceres Tag contains an accelerometer – this accelerometer data is aggregated and evaluated onboard the tag using activity monitoring algorithms developed by CSIRO. The tag is an edge computing node that uses machine learning to gauge an animal’s activity patterns. The tag is continually monitoring the animal’s activity and uses its own learning to update the algorithm that measures activity.

What does it mean?  

The activity monitoring works on a scale of - no activity, low activity, medium activity, high and extreme activity. This measurement is consistent across all integrated software partners.

Low activity for an extended period of time can be indicative of the animal’s welfare well before there is any visual signifier. Combining this information with the location of the animal can also assist with biosecurity risks or pasture management.


The alerts are for no activity or extreme activity. Your software receives an immediate alert as soon as this unusual activity has been picked up with no activity suggesting that the animal has perished and extreme activity indicating potential stock theft or unusual mustering.


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