Why Use Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag product closeup

  • Ceres Tag is a complete identification and management ear tag for the livestock industry including but not limited to red meat, dairy, wool and pork. The information from the Ceres Tag can be managed on your mobile, tablet or computer using your existing software platform.
  • Ceres Tag operates using a GPS tracking system tag in the ear on each individual animal. Like existing national livestock identification tags, each Ceres Tag also has its unique Identification Code and can be recoded if a change of ownership of the animal occurs.
  • Ceres Tag also provides the ability to monitor the health of your animal detecting if there is a significant change to warrant investigation. Ceres Tag will also tell you where that animal is located so you can investigate.
  • Ceres Tag will also monitor movement to know where your livestock are moving providing insight into management of land, health and potentially progeny behaviour. Ceres Tag will also be able detect the feeding rate of animals, useful for determining rumination or weight gain.
  • Ceres Tag detects boundary breakouts and will alert by message to your mobile device to investigate. This may be in the case of theft or an ambitious animal.
  • Providing improved provenance, Ceres Tag will confirm location and number of animals as well as identification for proof of origin and their history. This provides more confidence for financing, insurance and traceability for export and processing.