Direct to Satellite GPS Monitoring

Track and Trace your animals using Ceres Tag's direct to satellite technology.

The smart ear tag provides accurate GPS location on your livestock wherever your animals are.

How does it Work?

Ceres Tag utilises direct to satellite technology. All data is transmitted directly via a constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. This ensures data can be securely collected without the need for any other infrastructure.

What does it mean?

Ceres Tag uses data collection and on-tag analytics to provide animal-specific geospatial location data. GPS monitoring can assist operational efficiency in several ways. Understanding your animals’ movements and grazing patterns, monitoring your pasture utilisation and to track the animal in the event of stock theft, wandering or break outs.

Direct to Satellite Connection

Having GPS Positioning​ information opens a range of Opportunities including:

  • Mustering
  • Finance & Insurance​
  • Asset Register​
  • Land Utilisation​
  • Carbon Farming​​

The potential savings associated with spatial location technologies​ ranges from 13% to 19% of mustering costs​.