How it Works

The Tag

A world first rugged, direct to satellite, smart ear tag for livestock. The tag can run for over 10 years without a battery change and continuously monitor all aspects of animal behavior, health and welfare.


Tags are easily applied to the animal with minimal insertion force, resulting in a vastly improved welfare outcome for the animal compared to traditional ear tag devices. The tag needs to be comfortable as it will stay on the animal for its entire life!


All data is transmitted directly via a constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. This ensures data can be securely collected without the need of any other infrastructure.


Once received via satellite, all data is transferred and stored securely in our cloud based data platform. Here we can further analyze the data and make it available to customers. This is where it is also possible for you to share your data with other 3rd parties to whom you choose to grant access.


Ceres Tag data stored in the cloud can be accessed through your existing herd or farm management software. Ceres Tag is partnered with these programs to send your tag data.

This allows your data to be combined, analyzed and visualized in the most powerful and meaningful way for you.