What is Ceres Tag?

Ceres Tag is focused on these areas of increased functionality

  1. National Identification Compliant
  2. Improved retention system to sustain minimal tag loss
  3. GPS location and remote identification of each animal for premium provenance and management and reduce livestock theft
  4. Movement monitoring for distance, time and position giving insights into behaviour patterns for optimum management of animal and land
  5. Temperature for health and bio-security notification
  6. Energy harvesting and conservation using unique intellectual property to maintain connectivity of data and power the device for life of the animal
  7. Quick release system for application of Ceres Tags for maximum benefit to user and minimum discomfort to animal
  8. Collaboration with existing software providers to receive Ceres Tag data so the producers have control and security of their data. No new software will be required from partner software providers.
  9. Limited or no infrastructure required
  10. A platform to add future technologies such as rumination, virtual fencing and health innovation to an existing device making it easy for research institutions or entrepreneurs to get their technology to market on a smart ear tag, Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag is focused at improving the whole livestock chain, food or fibre, for all stakeholders from paddock to plate.